Wednesday, October 30, 2013

You're sew inspirational!

Hey Booooger!

I wanted to start off by thanking you for sharing your exploration in sewing with me!  I know we did a little bit of sewing when we were little but it's nice to put relearn some of those skills and apply them in a practical matter, who ever thought those culottes looked cool…

Your idea of making a wedding gift was what really got me hooked.  The quilt you made for Leana and Dan was beautiful!  So I decided to start by venturing into the world of quilting as well.  I learned some basics with Amy Gibson's Block of the Month 2012 class on Craftsy.  It's a free class and covered all sorts of basics in quilting.  The outcome was a purple and bicycle themed sampler quilt that I sold for my fundraising efforts with Team In Training this summer.

I decided to skip some of the blocks that had slightly more advanced skills (I'll get to you later, curves) and just repeat some that I enjoyed, it turned out well!

Seeing some potential for fundraising I adapted some of the bags I learned on a Craftsy mini class, Bag Making Basics, and decided to sell my newly made items at a local county fair.

The fair was not much of a success, living in rural Missouri the fair was pretty small and didn't have a crowd looking for homemade goods.  However, Failure is alway an option (Mythbsuters, anyone?), so I decided to open a shop on Etsy, BagsByKiloTango, and sold about half my items in a few weeks.  Thanks Mom for being a great marketing agent!

Now I'm eager to explore the world of sewing apparel, I can't wait to work on our sew-along dress.  I'm also about to start on a quilt for a friend's wedding and maybe some more maternity items…. we'll see where my imagination takes me!  Thanks for your inspiration and I look forward to our sewing adventures together!


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  1. Hey Julie!! Glad you've stopped by and participated in Fabric Tuesday :) We do have a button it's on our sidebar and you can grab the html. Also I noticed you're a "no-reply" blogger. If you google that there are a few blogs that tell you how to fix just makes it easier for people to connect and reply to your comments :) Glad you found us!! Looking forward to your projects! BEAUTIFUL quilting by the way, the purple is stunning and I love sampler quilts!


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