Wednesday, October 23, 2013

KCWC day 3- Baby Boy Romper's almost there!


Sleep beckons and my romper is not done. But fear not, the end is night! I only need to put in the "hardware", the snaps and the buttons. My snaps are sew on (not hammer on or whatever), any suggestions on securing those? Also, I can't find my buttonhole foot for my sewing machine and my one attempt at trying to sew a button hole without said foot was a disaster, eek! Anywho, here's the almost finished baby boy romper:

(Snaps will go in at crotch, and buttons will secure the straps at the top)

Any hardware installing tips from my engineering sister or other smart sewers are appreciated! Hopefully I'll finish it before the end of Kids Clothes Week Challenge!





  1. You're so close, yay! I have yet to adventure in to the world of using 'hardware' in a sewing project so I'm not too sure how to assist you. Seeing as you need a buttonhole foot in order to create a buttonhole and since buttonholes are fairly common for apparel you might just want to get yourself another foot, I think that's to only way to tackle that. I'm not sure about the snaps but if you do end up using a hammer I would suggest a rubber mallet, it won't leave any marks or bend anything. Here's some information I found about installing snaps, they all require some sort of extra tool though.
    Hope that helps, can't wait to see the finished project!

  2. You are so close!! Best of luck, the romper looks beautiful!

    1. Thanks so much, Melissa! I just unearthed my buttonhole foot (which I've never used before), so hopefully it will be finished soon....! p.s. it was fun to discover your blog through KCWC!


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