Tuesday, October 22, 2013

KCWC Day 1

Dear Poopykins,

You know how sometimes you have to sew something to figure out if you're doing it right or wrong? Well I was in the middle of doing that when I called it quits with this:

Uuuugly, huh! FYI, if this ever happens to you, do NOT just pull on the thread until it breaks- open up the bobbin area, pull out the bobbin and shuttlecock (is that the right terminology, or am I thinking of badminton...?), and you will probably see where one thread has caught- clip that, and then the mass of threads on the top should gently be able to be pulled out sans trouble.

So, does this:

Look anything like this?specifically the crotch and leg seams. That's where I as having some trouble. But before that I was trucking along on Melly Sews free baby boy romper:


I mean, look at those flat felled seams! My first attempt! I sewed four seams like that in the romper, by the end I was getting better- the seam below is my best! I think it's a nice touch, especially if you top stitch in the right side, so it looks kinda like those cute seams on overalls.

And then while sewing the top part of the romper together, I had a revelation that will help me the next time I sew a little bodice! Remember when i was having trouble figure out how to neatly enclose the seams on the front and back and lining on the bodice of the itty bitty baby dress? Well, the way Melly took her pictures I. Her romper tutorial finally helped me to visualize that method. Who knew bodices and rollers were so similar?? Here are some photos below to help you visualize:



Hopefully this help a teensy bit. So even thought do t have a finished product to show for day one of KCWC, I sewed for at least 2 hours, figured out a method that will help me with lined bodices, and sewed my first flat felled seams! Not bad, tomorrow is the hardware, the metal snaps and the buttons, wish me luck!




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