Monday, November 4, 2013

Janey Jump Around Dress Review

Having just started sewing in the past year (and I got a bit of a slow start!), I've been scared of sewing with knits, or "stretchy fabric" (I'm not thinking of the "stretchy pants" of Nacho Libre variety, but if that's your thing, go for it!).
Having a little tot, though- fabric with some give and stretch is perfect for tiny kiddo on the go! It's just when I was thinking of expanding my skills when Naptime Crafters announced the release of the Janey Jump Around Dress on her pattern shop, Peek-a-boo patterns for FREE! I signed up for her newsletter right away and set to printing the pattern.
Playing at the park!

Starting to sew the pattern was a different matter altogether and happened in a few steps- getting the fabric from Joann's (and I needed to browse to find the perfect color combo!), and then cutting the fabric. Knowing I would see my sister, Katie soon spurred me on to not just let the fabric languish as a "WiP" (work in progress!) like this project (which I will finish- probably when I see my sis, notice a pattern??). When visiting my fam/sis, I brought what I had of the Janey Jump Around Dress and the tutorial that comes with the pattern, along with my sewing machine and found inspiration with my engineer-sewing sis!
Perfect for wiggling under obstacles to run to the park in!
The tutorial had a lot of pictures, which was super helpful as parts of dress construction are still not quite intuitive to me.
I love the crossover neckline (is there a more technical term than that...?). The little buttons and ribbon faux closure are such a nice touch!
I will say that we put the neckline binding on backwards- I think because it was our first time sewing with knits we didn't take the time to 'digest' the instructions first, we were too excited (and eager to finish it so Cordie could wear it the next days!). If I was to make it again, I'm pretty sure I would have no problem putting the neckline on the right way (I hope!).
We also didn't match our thread- you might notice the brown thread on the pink neckline- again, we were eager to finish the project, and sometimes stitching in a contrast thread could add a bit of pizazz! (Although it also shows off less than straight stitching in my case, oh well!). I struggled with stretching the neckline over without letting raw edges show- but once my mother in law mentored me through the cowl neckline of the Bimma project I sewed up, it made more sense.
The sleeves are not set in which was nice, Abby has you sew this neat method, where you sew the arms and sides of the dress all in one go. The cuffs may look super professional (and they do!), and intimidating, but the tutorial made the cuffs super easy! I will say, follow the instructions in cutting the fabric and aligning the stretch correctly, and don't go off the grid! (Or off grain!).
This *free* pattern goes from size 6months to 10 years, can you say awesome?! I will definitely be filing this away using my Washi tape/Manila envelope system for sewing again later! I love so much that Cordelia can play in this dress, without worry about being constricted by the dress but still looking cute! Exhibit A of playing...and falling...and picking herself up, below:

I loved this pattern and am so glad I tackled knits...with the help of my intrepid twin (Thanks, Katie/Poopykins!)
"Gosh this playing thing is hard, Mama, let me sit and catch my breath for a minute!"
**this probably goes without saying (seeing as I'm a baby brand new blogger and all), but I was not compensated for my review- Peek-a-Boo patterns doesn't even know I exist!
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  1. Love the dress! You did a great job.

  2. How cute! It looks like she can move and groove in it too...always a plus! =)

  3. Love it and the dress looks so comfy on her and it is great for playing in the park. You are doing a great job learning the sewing... keep up the good work and have a great weekend in MO with your twin and enjoy going to the fabric store. We want to see pics of you shopping in Kansas City.

  4. Was für ein süßes Kleidchen - so ein raffinierter Schnitt und auch noch so herrlich spielplatztauglich!
    Liebe Grüße, Bettina

  5. It looks perfect for playing in - I'd say you did a great job :)

  6. The dress is so cute! I love the crossover neckline and little buttons! How fun that you tried knits and succeeded! I love knits!

  7. Stretchy fabric is a great choice for little people on the go, I agree :) Your dress looks wonderful :)

  8. Great job sewing with knits. They are a little scary at first and necklines are always the hardest part but otherwise they are so comfy and practical I find myself doing more and more. Keep it up.


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