Monday, April 7, 2014

KCWC Spring 2014 plans

It's time for kids clothes week challenge again! KCWC 2013 last Fall is what got me blogging, so I could share my (somewhat amateurish) creations. Here's my round up of patterns and free tutorials I aim to complete for Kids Clothes Week Challenege 2014. You can join in KCWC April right here!

Keep in mind, I am sewing for an almost 2 year old girl and 6 week old boy (those two might be to blame if I don't accomplish my KCWC Spring 2014 goals, but they're worth it!)

  1. Just Hatched leggings, a FREE pattern and tutorial from Made by Rae

The Sally dress from Very Shannon- things to love about it- no closures (i.e. Zippers or buttons) and it has nice big pockets, which my daughter LOVES. This pattern and the Junebug are what convinced to bu y the Sew Fab 2013 bundle!

A beautiful Sally Dress from Littlest Pretty Things

Sadie Grace Nightgown by Seamingly Smitten- perfect for those hot summer days, if in a lightweight fabric. Here's my previous attempt.

Classic footed PJ's from Peek-a-Boo Patterns

Reversible wrap tee from Craftiness is Not Optional for Birch Fabrics. FREE pattern for sizes 12/24 months, 2/3 T and 4/5 T. I will probably make the 12/24 month size for my almost 2 year old skinny Minnie!

I better get sewing, wish me luck!

~Julie (aka Booger!)


Monday, March 10, 2014

Twin Weekend & Adventures at MSQC- Missouri Star Quilt Company!

Guess what?? My sister and I had a TWIN weekend recently...well in the fall. And what do twins do when they get together? They sew of course. Katie already mentioned one of the products of our sewing marathon- the Hokie quilt, partially finished. See the beginnings of her CraZy pieced Hokie quilt here.

wanna make your own crazy pieced/improv quilt? Check out this Craftsy class Katie watched (affiliate link).


I'd say we sewed for at least 10 hours! It's nice to have a rotary cutting assistant, so you can just chain piece away....I also didn't have a knee high cutie begging for attention all the time (thanks for watching the baby back home, sweetie!). Katie continued with her Hokie quilt, and together we almost finished the Christmas Table runner for our parents.

In order to SEW lots, you need tons of fabric, right? The airport closest to Katie is St Louis, MO, BUT we had a grand scheme.

Where in the world could we find so much fabric??
Katie and I met in Kansas City, and from there we headed out on a 60 minute drive to the very small town of Hamilton, MO. Our destination- the famed Missouri Star Quilt Company, aka MSQC!

Here, at the Missouri Star Quilt Company!
We had planned out what projects we still needed "supplies" for, and we were ready to spend a few hours in the store looking around and fabric shopping- what better way to spend a Saturday?

So much fabric, so little time!

Observe the chevrons in ALL THE COLORS (and sizes too!). Impressive, eh? (yes, we have Canadian roots!)

'Trying' a long arm quilt

Browsing the amazing quilts on display, most of which are made from precut fabrics. Jenny Doan, the face of MSQC, has many video tutorials demonstrating how to make most of the quilts displayed in the store. We've made the Christmas tree table runner, and we aspire to make one of the precut quilts!

sorry, random folks- we were just trying to get a shot of the pretty quilts!
Turndash and zig zag quilts

Coloring the rainbow


We met one of the co-owners!

one of 6 (7? alot, whatever it is!) Doan children, this dude co-owns the place. Thanks for letting us bug you!

Jenny was out of town that day, but we were happy to meet some other awesome people at MSQC. All the employees were super nice! One of the Doan sisters even helped us figure out the amount of fabric we would need for our quilt dimensions (more on that quilt later...). However, we did get to see the studio where all of Jenny's tutorials are filmed-

My Name is Julie and I Like to Sew! But my sister is really the better quilter, check out her awesome sampler!

If you do want to "meet" Jenny, check out this feature NBC Nightly news aired recently.

A skirt- for a tree, or a human....? You decide.

I rifled through many of the quilts (with permission, of course!).

Neon Dresden Plate awesome-ness (Dresden Plates are those circle thingys)
Rocket Boy quilt!
I think I embarrassed my sister- I pulled out most of the quilts, and couldn't put them back! They were HEAVY!


itty bitty charm pack skirt- hoping to make one for my 2 year old cutie

Some pretty Christmas projects- It's never too early to start preparing for Christmas 2014!

Katie liked browsing the quilts, too!

Sorry, I know that's alot of pictures of Yours Truly, I just loved all the quilts I saw! I will try to link to the tutorials that correspond with the quilts when I have time (MSQC peeps, wanna help me out??)
As for our spoils, we bought some charm packs, jelly rolls, fabric by the yard, oh just too much to list! We will post the projects we make, though :)

Missouri Star Quilt Company is definitely worth the trip out to little Hamilton, Missouri (which is a charming little town!), and their online store is so quick- Katie gave me a MSQC gift certificate for Christmas, and I am so looking forward to using it. Just gotta finish some other UFO's first! (UFO=Unfinished Objects, for the uninitiated!). They also have awesome Daily Deals- sign up for their emails!

Me with all our spoils!
Katie heading to MSQC's shipping department (aka the old store front) to pick up an item.

MSQC also has long arm quilting services!

This used to be a library, but now it houses MSQC's long arm quilt machines! (the chevron curtains should be a giveaway...). We picked up batting here.

Thanks for reading about our TWIN weekend at MSQC Review- you're a trooper for reading all this way! Come back soon! I have some unblogged items I've been meaning to post (funny how having a 2 year old and three week old limits your free time.... but oh so worth it!)


P.S. This will be our last TWIN weekend for awhile- Katie's moved overseas for a year....BUT perhaps we could reunite at MSQC and use their awesome retreat center next year...? We'd love it if MSQC hosted something akin to Camp Stitchalot or Sew South that two little twins could sign up for!


Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Exploring Croatia!

One of my greatest passions is traveling.  I LOVE to go on adventures discovering new places (well, new to me) and learning about new cultures and experiencing new things.  This summer I went to visit several friends who were living abroad in Europe and I decided to go somewhere I've been wanting to go for a long time, Croatia.  The Dalmatian coast is beautiful and after reading several articles about it in travel publications it was high on my list!

I decided to go with REI (Recreational Equipment Inc) who do a great job at incorporating the outdoors on their trips.  Needless to say this was an ACTIVE vacation and I loved it!  The Croatia multisport trip involved hiking, kayaking and cycling.  Our two tour guides, Micha and Davor, were native Croatians and did a phenomenal job of sharing the hidden beauty of their country with us.

Here's a video of the highlights of our trip.  I got a GoPro camera just before this trip.  I'm not much a photographer (I usually just take pictures on my phone) but the indestructability of the GoPro cameras was a plus and the videos in HD are great!

FYI this was my first bike crash.  Lesson learned bike + camera = disaster!
This was my first attempt at using iMovie to create a movie, I have a lot to learn!

We started in Zagreb (the capital) and made our way through the entire country hiking, kayaking and cycling on the way, and ended in Dubrovnik.  Staying in Dubrovnik was the hiking and kayaking extension for the trip but I couldn't say no to it, how can I go all the way to Croatia and not see Dubrovnik!

Here's are some other highlights from the trip.

Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia's largest and oldest National Park

Kayaking down the Zrmanja River
I love my chaco sandals, I wear them everywhere!

City of Novigrad, watching the sun go down

Checking out the local market in the city of Trogir

Touring Dicoletian's Palace in the city of Spit (people still live there, how cool!)

Random piece of history, Diocletian was the only Roman emperor to retire from his position.  He had the whole of Roman Empire to chose from as a retirement location and he chose the Dalmatian Coast, I can see why!

Exploring the city of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzagovnia

Going for a run along the Trebizat River in Bosnia, we went canoeing down it later that day!

Getting ready for a fabulous dinner in the town of Ston, which is home to the longest stone wall in Europe

And finally, Dubrovnik!  Here's a couple of views from on top of the wall surrounding the old city, which is all pedestrian, no cars allowed!
The Adriatic Sea crashing on the walls

The main street in Old Town Dubrovnik

Exploring the Island of Lopud
You can't get lost on this island!
Look at how clear that water is!

Last meal in Croatia, the seafood was amazing!

I definitely recommend visiting Croatia especially if you're an outdoor-sy person, it's absolutely gorgeous!  Croatia recently became part of the European Union (but they don't have the Euro yet) so it's easy to travel to but the prices are probably a little more expensive, it's worth it though!

Here's a picture of our group, thanks everyone for a great trip!