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Who are we?

Here we are getting ready for Julie's wedding- sans makeup- we're keeping' it real!

We are Julie and Katie, or Booger and Poopykins as we call each other. We are twins but let's get a few things out of the way- no we can't talk to each other through our minds (esp or whatever) and even though we're fraternal and somewhat different, we're still twins! (For some reason people begin to act disinterested in our twin-ness once they find out we're not identical...). As for who's older, we'll lets just say minutes are irrelevant! (Hmmm....yes Julie is writing this, and she's the younger one as you can probably tell).

Katie (Poopykins) is a true adventurer, moving every few years, and traveling to far flung places in her time off. Her motto is "adventure is out there!" (Name that movie) and is a very loyal friend and sister who will travel to the ends of the earth to see those she loves.

Julie (Booger) lives in Northern Virginia and is happily married to a stud and has a cutie pie of a baby Girl, Cordelia, and a little boy on the way!

Why the blog? As a way for us far flung sisters to share mutual interests- sewing and adventuring! Julie got a sewing machine for her anniversary last year (no her husband is not a curmudgeon she really did want one!) and after one sewing class her sewing passion (and let's get this straight- she's still a baby beginner with sewing!) was born and has yet to be bridled. Julie was talking with her twin about sewing and soon Katie had hijacked her roommates machine to make curtains, and even started making tote bags and a quilt to sew for charity!

Soon Julie and Katie were sending a prolific amount of ideas back and forth about their projects and ideas- now we can do it via this blog!

Thanks for sharing this adventure with us and cheering us on! We'd love to hear what you're up to :)

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