Sunday, October 20, 2013

Preparing for Kids Clothes Week Challenge

dear Poopykins,

When I started sewing about a year ago I pretty much obessessively began reading sewing blogs....let's just say I'm much better at reading sewing blogs than sewing (and blog) itself! A recurring theme on many sewing blogs that had anything to do with kids clothes was a mention of "KCWC". I had no idea what this was- a secret club or something! After a google search I discovered that it is Kids Clothes Week Challenge, a challenge started by Meg of The Elsie Marley blog.

This will be my first time participating (I've watched from the sidelines for about 2 or 3 iterations), but from what I gather, KCWC encourages sewers to sew for at least an hour a day....for kids! KCWC has a new blog and a community- so you don't have to just be content with posting/browsing in Flickr (although that has its own merits...). Find me on the KCWC community as Joolz123.

This past week I've been printing a bunch of PDF patterns, most of which i got from the recent Sew Fab pattern bundle. When my mother in law was visiting and saw all my patterns, she helped my devise an organizational system for them. It's highly sophisticated- Manila envelopes and Washi tape!


Cordelia helping me set up the little photo shoot- completely unprompted, I might add!

Here's my stack of nicely ironed fabric:

The doll fabric is Story Book Lane by Kelly Lee for Andover Fabrics- my Mom took me to G Street fabric and we got it there! The purple is also from g street , and the black owl fabric is by Doodle from Joann's.

With the owl, I plan to make the Little Boy Romper, a free pattern from Melly Sews (the brains behind Blank Slate patterns), for sizes 0–3 months.

The kinda ugly brown and cream paisely flannel (an old bed sheet) is destined to be a Sadie Grace nightgown from Seamingly Smitten.

The doll and purple pattern are slated to be the Junebug dress from Craftiness is Not Optional. I have not yet decided the ratio of doll fabric to purple, or even if I should use the purple at all- thereate some many permutations out there!

Finally, I'd like to make the Charles Pants, a free pattern from Compagnie M, but I'm not even sure where to begin, and am still struggling to piece together the PDF pattern- where's my engineering twin when I need her!? There was a sew along in May, so reading through that might help. Because of the potentially complicated nature of this project, it's probably last in my KCWC queue- but it is very cute!

Wish me luck!






  1. Very exciting, sounds like you've got some great plans for KCWC! The things you learn on blogs, it's like a whole new alphabet soup… I can't wait to see some of your finished products!

  2. This is lovely; wah a nice job you have done. Love Cordie's new sweater. Keep up the sewing you are doing great.
    Love CAH

  3. I love theJuneBug dress pattern the possibilites are endless with the colors and patterns. Also, it seems to be able to be adapted as the child grows olders. That is great and so useful. Waiting to see one on Cordie. I think sew alongs are a great idea as well. Love the Charles pants to for a certain someone. CAH


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