Sunday, October 20, 2013

Sewing for my Bumpkin!

Hi Poopster!

So I just sewed my first item for Cordie-bug, so she no longer feels left out I mean I have made a few baby items- an itty bitty baby dress (from Made by Rae) and am still attempting a little Geranium also from Rae- don't ask why that's taking so long! Now Cordelia needn't languish in neglect-----

Presenting The Mama made Bimaa sweater from EmmyLouBeeDoo!


Isn't my bumpkin a doll?? I do think you have the cutest niece if I may be permitted to say so ;) Though Cordie is 16 months, I sewed up a size a 12 months since she's a "pocket-sized" baby! But check out that belly- a milk belly as we say....

It's the shawl collar version of the sweater, which I really like- not too much fabric for a little girl to get lost in. EmmyLouBeeDoo just finished up a blog tour for her Bimaa pattern, and most everyone sewed up a hoodie or cowl neck version, so I'm excited to see that my shawl neck turned out great! It was pretty easy, though I'm glad that my Mom in law was around to help guide me through sewing on the shawl collar- all those raw edges encased! Those little thing make sewing a sometimes exhausting sport!

Just for good measure, here's a pic of the fam above.

PhewM this blogging thing is hard- I hope that as my twin you appreciate my e- letters to you- I'd love to hear what you're working on!



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