Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Adventures in Korea, Part I

I recently moved to Korea for my job and would like to share some of my adventures so far.  I'm here for a short assignment, only one year, so I'm trying to do as much exploring as possible!

My current residence is near the city of Daegu, the third largest city in Korea.  It has a great shopping area and a fantastic market with loads of fabric to chose from!  Seomun Market is just around the corner from the Seomun Market subway stop on the green line in Daegu.

Korea is very mountainous and it's not different in the town where I live.  There are several hiking trails that have great views and are particularly pretty when the cherry blossoms are out!

Of course no visit to Korea is without a trip to Seoul, the capital of Korea.  There's so much going on there, I've only had a small taste of it in the couple of days I've spent passing through!  Navigating the Seoul Subway system was a bit of challenge, it has like 17 lines and each stop has numerous exits, it takes a bit of getting used to!

Not too far from Soeul is Peoyongtek, the city that will hosting the 2018 winter Olympics.  I had a chance to go snowboarding at Pheonix Park which will be hosting some of the events!

I also went snowboarding at another resort, Welli Helli, with some of my friends.  It was a great way to enjoy the Korean winter!  It was also my first experience with Korean hotels, sleeping on floor!

With the warmer weather in Spring I've done a few more outdoor activities.  I visited Jindo Island where twice a year the sea parts, like Moses and the Red Sea, and you can walk out to the next island.  There was a big festival and we got up at 4 in the morning to see the sea part and then the weather was so bad the sea didn't quite part all the way, what a bummer!

The last part of Korea I've been to is Busan which is on the southeast corner of Korea.  Busan is a big port city and is very diverse.  The view along the sea cliffs hiking trails is gorgeous, the water is so clear and blue!

Busan is also home to a HUGE fish market where you can find just about any kind of seafood you would ever want.

And of course I've been riding my bike a lot here in Korea.  There's a series of trails that transverse the country, the possibilities for riding are endless!  You can track your progress on there trails with these awesome little passports you can get at tourist stops along the trails, it's a great momento.

The trails run along the rivers throughout the country so they're nice and (mostly) flat.  Exploring Korea by bike has definitely been a highlight so far!

That's it for my first installment of my Adventures in Korea, check back later for more updates!

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