Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hokie Update!

I've been working on my Hokie quilt feverishly between studying for finals and riding my bike.  Has anyone else had lots of snow confine there bike to their living room?  I've set up my trainer in front of the TV so I can ride with some entertainment!  But I digress.....

Here's some photos on my progress.  I some how ended up with 3 ½ inch squares for my HSTs instead of 4 ½ but it worked out just fine.

48 squares all together!

I'm glad my school has a logo that is completely linear, I don't think I could have done this with any curves!

Building all the blocks has taken a little longer then expected.  I don't need to to any precise measuring but it still takes awhile to put all those pieces together!  They're not all cut down to size but once they're big enough I put them in my finished pile!

10 blocks done, yay!
Here's my stash of blocks in progress, hopefully I'll get several more done by the end of the day!


I have decided to make the quilt a little smaller then originally planned due to time constraints (who saw that coming)!  I figured I need 17.5 blocks all together.  I've got just over a week to finish it up for the wedding, wish me luck!

Don't forget to watch the Hokies in the Sun Bowl on 31 December!  Go Hokies!


Thanks for all your sweet comments! We're happy to answer any questions as well :)